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I am a project, technical and financial consultant with more than 40 years experience. I am married and have 4 children.

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I will write a business plan for R 5000

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I will produce a business plan for you that includes: • an overview • executive summary • general company description • the opportunity • industry and market • your strategy • the team • a marketing plan • operational plan • financial plan • appendices.

I will do financial modeling for R 10000

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Financial modelling can be defined as the task of building an abstract representation of a real world financial situation. It is a Mathematical representation of key financial and operational relationships. Comprising of one or several sets of equations, I use it in analyzing how a project will react to different economic situations or events, and in estimating the outcome of financial decisions before committing any funds.

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Write blog content and maintain my blog for me


I'm looking for someone to edit and re-copy my one page brochure for a workshop

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