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I will write desktop applications for R 1990

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I have written multiple apps in delphi,c++ and many other languages.One of my more recent projects was a guesthouse application that handles everything from saving reservations to showing which rooms are available when and finally creating and emailing an invoice to a guest.

I will write web apps for R 2490

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I have studied and successfully completed a course in web application development with php.I have also created many websites for small to large companies and have years of experience with asp,javascript and SQL.

I will write android application for R 3990

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I am an experienced programmer and have been writing android applications for the last few years.I have created a couple of games but my specialty is android functional apps.A few projects I have worked on is a Point of Sale application with a custom barcode scanner.I have also created an GPS locator app that allows you to find your phone.My last app was a database app that automatically backs up all your data to a dropbox account.

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I'm looking for someone to edit and re-copy my one page brochure for a workshop

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