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I am a freelance copy-editor, proofreader, and writer, operating under my solely-owned business, Wordtree Inc. Wordtree Inc. is a copy-writing business, which offers services such as copy-editing, proofreading, online publishing as well as online marketing for authors/writers. Wordtree also offers editing for documents such as CVs, theses, speeches, contracts, newsletters, etc. We can write documents, blurbs, and any form of text you need. We work closely with clients to ensure that we can maximise the reach to their target audience and to ensure that the vibe of the writing stays true to their business ideals. The focus of the business is to add a certain youth and vibrancy to this market sector - one of my big aims is to empower youth, especially women, who haven't otherwise had the opportunity to study, or work and gain experience in the writing field. Corporate social responsibility is to be a big part of the business - without making it the whole focus. We want to lighten up the world of editing whilst upholding an excellent standard. We want people to think outside of their comfort zones. Take text to the next level and think between the lines!

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I will write unique content for your website for R 10

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I will write effective, informative, target-based content for your website, tailored to your business' unique and specific needs. I will follow your business' needs regarding the target audience and create content which will appeal to a specific group of readers and customers. This will help your business to clearly and directly bring across what it's about, without boring the reader. I can do this cost-effectively, and efficiently.

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