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I will do 3D modelling for R 1000

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3D modelling of products. Be it prototyping, 3D printing or visualistion. The final product can be shown of in video format or the client can be sent the files do with as they please. If the piece should be very intricate or large the price will go up. Animating the piece will be charged per hour of work. The 1000 is a baseline price and extensive work will be negotiated.

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I will design websites for R 2000

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Website and user experience design. I do it from scratch, design to code for small / medium business or personal sites. I use clean code and develop in modern HTML5 & CSS3 standards. All being modern, dynamic and responsive designs to keep with the trend of mobilization. The price covers once off design and upon approval then gets coded at a separate cost of 100/h. Most small projects end with a final amount of roughly 3500.

I will do pencil sketches, portraits or otherwise for R 1000

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Portrait sketches or even commissioned pieces of whatever you have in mind. Portraits are A3 in size and start at the above price. Larger ones will take longer and be more expensive. Commissioned pieces are usually A2 or larger and start at 5000. I also have prints available of previous pieces that go for around 1000 and can be viewed upon request.

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I'm looking for someone to edit and re-copy my one page brochure for a workshop


Write blog content and maintain my blog for me

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